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Our Partner GreenPenn has grown from its Pune roots into a worldwide group of companies with approximately 200 Contracts and full time employees. With more than 20 offshore client portfolio who are looking to outsource their services, we help them grow with us!


Al Azila is equally excited to join hands with GreenPenn for exclusive partnership in creating a 360 degree outsourcing solutions.


Al Azila means "The Protector"

Founded with a spirit of covering the business across the globe, Al Azila is non profit funding and support business in Dubai, UAE. With almost zero visibility in social space, Al Azila is clear in supporting with no shout outs. 
Al Azila supported almost 200+ multiple national businesses in Dubai Downtown and Free Zones. With its unique model of supporting entrepreneurs but not just business, makes it favorite of small and mid size business owners who are looking for funding, expertise, resources and connectivity.

The story writers belongs to royal business family of Ressotsa UK and Germany. Al Azila anonymously invests in talent of entrepreneurs, real estate, smart technology and consumer electronics. Started in the year 2006 and globally present in 16 locations. Al Azila is most sort after deeplinked support group!

With Greenpenn

Al Azila supports Greenpenn for only Outsourcing Project Management and Acquisition. Helping increasing the project portfolio and clients globally, Greenpenn will provide support in migration, training and operation control. Al Azila & Greenpenn together work for setting up contact center businesses in India, UAE and other countries. The base offices will be Dubai and India.

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