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Outsourcing as services (OAS) help MSMEs in project consulting. With 'project-on-demand' and 'direct signup' initiatives, we support startup contact centers to acquire projects they need. It may be international or National, Voice or Non Voice projects of lowest capacity of ten allocations. All projects are very well examined in Al Azila's R&D centers to ensure the delivery management, payouts and support. Project Management Services (PMS) keeps peace of mind to center core team to manage the various loose blocks like QA, Training, Hiring and MIS.


When you are ready to go live with projects you have, you must have genuine technology to support. Al Azila's Automation tools for dialling, customer management, data management and operation management empowers you to seamlessly manage the project and operations. You can opt in for cloud softwares or on site installations based on your client's nature.


Transformation Services (TS) empowers the centers to locate the best work place which comply with national and global standards. Selecting and negotiating for work place, maintaining global licences and memberships, Information Technology compliances, Procurement of software and tool, Data storage and backups along with complete IT transformation using AI and automation make the contact center as global player in hours!


100's of Business have utilised our data for maximising their sales targets. Green Directory gives you data of any demographics. In depth understanding of your data needs and a customised solution supported by dedicated account managers and data mining team gives you peace of mind of getting 100% fresh and accurate data. Al Azila Directory takes pride in giving guarantee in contact ratio and accuracy with 100% replacement options! Greenleads gives you a best quality leads.


Legal Consulting Services (LCS) ensures that the contact center is risk free and completely in sync with authorities. Support in applying for OSP, CMM Levels, ISO certifications. The entities entitled for OSP registration must be a company registered under Companies Act,2013/1956. Documents Required for OSP License Registration Certificate of Incorporation issued by the registrar of Company. MOA and AOA. Board Resolution or POA authorizing the Authorized Signatory. A note on the nature of Business. List of the Directors of the Company List of the Shareholders of the Company.


Looking to generate business and enterprise leads? Al Azila help you fill in your sales funnel thru multiple channels. We qualify leads for you and pass it for direct sales closures! With BANT qualified leads we get you super easy access to direct enquiries. Get leads and grow your business hasslefree. 


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